Wednesday, May 25, 2011

acres of grace

an old stone farmhouse with creaky wooden floors; greeting the goats each morning with a song before milking time; the wonderfully sweet smell of sweat, dirt, and fresh air on my children as they come inside after completing their morning chores; weeding the garden and canning vegetables; collecting freshly laid eggs; a pumpkin patch, orchard, berries, and pies...lots of pies; hanging wet clothes out on the line to dry; the golden, sticky, sweetness of fresh honeycomb; putting in a full days work to relax on the front porch and watch my children catch fireflies; a simple, joy-filled life that harkens back to another time; sharing it all with those i love.

I have been daydreaming lately about moving out into the country and making some (if not all) of those dreams a reality. With the understanding and support of my wonderful husband, we have decided to start looking for land. It will likely take 5 years at the very least to complete this work, but the best things in life are truly worth waiting for.

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  1. Love this, Jordan. I sometimes have the same dreams...minus the goats :) My dream home is on a couple acres with loads of flower and vegetable gardens to work in and enjoy!